TRACS can help to solve a number of challenges faced by local authorities when delivering services for looked after children. When adopted, TRACS reduces workload while encouraging best practice, promoting accountability and empowering those in care.

Some Key Benefits


TRACS enables Service Managers to oversee group progress and highlights delays or issues, BEFORE any unnecessary set backs or expenses are incurred.


TRACS facilitates improved partnerships and accountability with providers and other professionals responsible for supporting young people in their care.


TRACS provides a secure visual timeline, of a young person’s plan, status and progress, accessible to all key professionals, management, parents/carers and young people.


TRACS affords young people a better opportunity to share ownership in achieving their own outcomes, by providing visibility of the activities set out to facilitate their development.

Value for Money

TRACS facilitates transparent joint working for all stakeholders, with constant access to updates between key professionals, decreasing the likelihood of a child unnecessarily remaining in care longer than they need to.

Ease of Use

TRACS makes it easy to view a young person’s progress or update activity status, using any device and provides predetermined email reminders for upcoming activities

Working Together

  • Service Managers will have a holistic view of performance across the service and the insight to make targeted interventions.
  • They can better pinpoint potential problem areas and ensure there is clear accountability for resolution by relevant teams, providers or professionals.
  • Team managers will be able to better identify and address potential problem areas within their teams, ensuring that there is clear accountability for resolution and making interventions before problems materialise or escalate.
  • They can quickly review any CLA’s progress, in one place, across all tasks essential for returning home, going on to adoption or moving into independent living.
  • Social Workers will have online visibility of all tasks they are accountable for and can quickly review any CLA’s progress, in one place, based on their status.
  • They have a positive and consistent experience of the system across all devices and can be responsive to those in their care, making impactful interventions using multiple channels.
  • Through automated emails, they will have timely reminders of activities that need to be progressed.
  • With task reminders and CLA timeline activities at their fingertips, Key Workers will have a tool that enables them to be more effective with interventions, helping them to prioritise activities and work WITH their CLAs to achieve positive outcomes.
  • They have a positive and consistent experience of the system across all devices and can both identify and make interventions while mobile.
  • IROs will be able to log into TRACS to view the child’s timeline, progress and any set backs that may have occurred. 
  • They can then be fully informed in real time of progress and can contact the Social Worker or Key Worker to offer additional support if required.
  • Looked After Children will also have online visibility of their activities as set out to facilitate healthy development and independence. 
  • They can now be more proactive in reaching out to their care network with the knowledge of what needs to happen next.
  • The child’s timeline can be printed off at any time (without personally identifiable information), for parents to review and support progress, keeping them in the loop and involved with their child’s development.

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